Tea Fusions

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Tea Fusions

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A world of fragrant and flavorful teas awaits in Bangkok Tea’s selection of Tea Fusions. Each is a careful blend of charcoal roasted organic whole tea leaves and sun-dried flowers, fruits and herbs. Created with 100% natural ingredients and packaged in biodegradable teabags, they highlight our passionate commitment to an environmentally-friendly and sustainable business model.


A crafted blend of organic Oolong Tea and the medicinally-renowned chrysanthemum flower creates a golden, mellow and sweet tea with a delicious herbal honey note that is delightfully refreshing.

Butterfly Pea
& Mangosteen

The vivid signature blue and purple colors of butterfly pea, combined with Thailand’s “queen of fruits”, the mangosteen, and our natural Green Tea produces an exhilarating “cuppa”, mild and light in flavor and a true taste of Thailand.

& Jasmine

Packed full of antioxidants and vitamins and rich in potassium, our fragrant and subtly-sweet Lemongrass & Jasmine fusion has a cooling energy and makes a distinctive cup of herbal tea, both refreshing and relaxing.

Rose & Lychee

The artful and masterly blending of the sweet tropical Lychee taste with the subtle flavors and aromas of the rose petal makes our Rose & Lychee fusion an exceptionally soothing drink and also offers the rich benefits of antioxidants.

A Sustainable World

A passionate commitment to environmentally-sound processes, using tea leaves cultivated on sustainable organic plantations and ingredients that are 100% natural.

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