Bangkok Tea

A World of Flavors

A Brand of Promise

A deep admiration for artisanal craftsmanship and traditional processing methods including charcoal roasting and bamboo drying shelves

An unwavering respect for nature, cultivating in sustainable plantations that have been farmed by local communities for generations

A passionate commitment to innovation, sourcing the finest natural ingredients from around the world to create great-tasting, healthy, organic teas

in Thailand

The fertile soils and temperate climate of northern Thailand create the perfect environment for tea cultivation. Knowledge and instincts have been passed down through countless generations and, today, Bangkok Tea is engaging these local talents to create its World of Flavors.


Established in 2015 after our founder uncovered a fascination and love of tea whilst traveling around the world, discovering an epic history that has led to tea becoming a part of the fabric of society. Bangkok Tea now sources, blends, and packages an exceptional selection of premier tea products.


Loose Leaf Teas


Our organic Loose Leaf Teas are created from tender camellia sinensis and assamika leaves in plantations where fertile soils combine with ideal temperatures.

Tea Fusions


A world of fragrant and flavorful teas awaits in our selection of Tea Fusions, each a careful blend of organic tea and sun-dried flowers, fruits and herbs.

Tea Spreads


Traditional Thai ingredients and flavors are combined with camellia oleifera
seed oil and rice bran oil to create delicious spreads to be enjoyed as a tasty
snack anytime, and the perfect companion to a cup of tea!



Lightly effervescent, refreshing and fun, our healthy sparkling Kombucha
is derived from delicately fermented organic, charcoal-roasted tea leaves.

Kombucha SCOBY


A delicious and extremely healthy bio-product of the Kombucha
fermentation process, our SCOBY makes a really healthy jam or spread.

Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil


A sweetish seasoning and cooking oil rich in essential fatty acids similar
to that of olive oil, with all the associated renowned health benefits.


Coming Soon

A range of top quality, natural tea in concentrated format that are
highly cost-effective in meeting the needs of this fast-expanding sector.

A Sustainable World

A passionate commitment to environmentally-sound processes, using tea leaves cultivated on sustainable organic plantations and ingredients that are 100% natural.

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